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Many men pump their penis with “to and fro” pulls of their hand along the penis shaft.

Using the thumb or index finger, they multiply the pleasurable sensations by circling the head of the penis at the top of a single pull from the public hair to the tip.

Known also as the “monkey grip,” if you’ve never tried masturbating this way, the sensations will feel as if another person is holding your cock and balls, masturbating you!

An urban catch phrase that caught on wildly in the ‘90s, instead of masturbating to complete orgasm, pleasure yourself to very “edge” of coming, Do: Jack off your big cock until you’re ready to cum. When you feel you’re about to come: stop jacking your cock again.

To increase the sensations, try using both hands to masturbate your penis.

Do: Apply some of your favorite lube into both hands liberally.

Vary holding your grip with the penis similar to how you would hold a pencil or an ink pen when writing.

With your first hand, jerk your cock in a top to bottom motion.

Use your other hand and repeat the motion, sliding the palm of your hand along the penis shaft in a one fluid movement and over the penis.



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    Social networks don’t allow naked images of people under 18.

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    I have now begun asking how far away they lived from each other even though they met on an online dating site.

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