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Most cheaters say their partner makes them feel young again and that means new tastes in music, movies, food and alcohol.When old habits start to get broken for no reason ask yourself who they’re trying to impress.

If they’re trying to make a decision about leaving they will be using increased evaluation signals, watching you when they think you’re not looking to see how you match up to the competition.

No more arm around the shoulder or hand-holding in public, suddenly they’re walking with a gap between you, holding keys or bags in their inside hand to avoid any affectionate-looking touch. These are the types of men most likely to be unfaithful… And people recently revealed the reasons why they had affairs.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry spent the beginning of their relationship ensconced in privacy—but the royal couple are about to become one of the most public duos alive.

SERIAL cheats can be very good at keeping their affairs under wraps, but subtle tells can still give them away.


Staring at you more and changing their grooming rituals are all signs that they could be playing away, according to analysis from TV body language expert Judi James. Body language analyst Judi James gives The Sun her top 12 red flags...In other-other words, this is a glimpse at how they act in private. "These aren't official photos, so they're more telling.


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