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:( It infuriated me to think what they did to my town, and all this hits very close to home for me, this song....

Don't know if they HAD to sell their farm, but I no longer wanted to live in my own hometown after they sold off all the farms and turned them into shopping centers and expensive housing development. And that's the sad part of America, used to be that most people made their living off a farm. I'd throw my computer, my cell phone and ipod out the bloody window if I could just trade them all for the great countryside we once got to enjoy.

She had the horse there for years, but they had to sell the farm and boarded the poor horse somewhere where she got sick and ended up dying.

I've never seen my friend cry before that day, but when I came over to hang out, she was in tears, from her beloved horse dying!

"-Mellencamp is rightfully angry as as well he should be!

From Reagan to Obama, the Backbone of America is broken.

I also know George Green was the writer of this song because I am from Bloomington and I am dating George's grand daughter Kirstie.

Her mom is Carrie Green and she talks of her father all the time I have yet to meet him but I would just to clear it up that George Green wrote i'm guessing at least 95% of the lyrics to this song and also several other of his top songs.


My only problem with this website is; Rain on the Scarecrow, was written by GEORGE M GREEN as well as JM. I met George several years ago, used to go to his home in Bloomington and talk music. Michael, MCM, Indiana In my opinion this song is about MORE than the financial problems of farmers. Rafael from Sacramento said that "you have not lived until you've heard Scarecrow" under the conditions of a "private, invitation only" event for 500 people in an "intimate" setting in L. While I was in the service (USAF) John Cougar played 2 free concerts in my hometown of Chillicothe, OH (southern Ohio). John Mellencamp would change a word or two, and say that he "co-wrote" the songs...

All that remains unchanged is the original barn and farm house there. and Sarah, I'm very eager to look up your dad's other songs. Songwriters are very seldom creditted for their great works. inhabit the state of CT nothing could be more wrong. All the rich people live on that side of the state, lol..


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