Debbie ryan dating

Her popularity has reached its zenith since the end of the 2000s by interpreting several characters in fiction and TV series such as “Hanna Montana”.

In addition to television and movies, Debbie Ryan is also a singer and musician.

Dun once took Ryan to a romantic candlelight dinner in a treehouse. During Valentine's day, he was on a tour with his band, Twenty One Pilots, but he sent a package to Ryan that included his pink sweatshirt just to show how much he missed her.

If that doesn't make you go aww, we don't know what will.

:) You might be swooning right now but you need to wake up from the fairytale story. Neither Dun nor Ryan revealed a reason behind their split.


The young actress, aged twenty-four, has won numerous awards for her performances, and is also active in the project for the less fortunate children “Disney’s friends for change.” Debby Ryan is currently single and there are no infos regarding recent dates.

This American actress has lived as a child for many years in Germany, and for this reason she speaks german fluently even today.


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