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The festival, which grew into a three-day affair, including a juried arts-and-crafts show, midway, car show and live entertainment, was a "risky and expensive" chamber fundraiser, Oliva said. If you have any photographs of North Carolina Railroad Stations that we don't have or have better quality photos, and would like to add to our railroad station archives, just e-mail the P&WRR Webmaster.Once more, a financial setback, the Panic of 1907, ended investment although afterwards another great construction period did not materialize.In 1889 there were just 7 miles of interurbans in service, a number which jumped to 3,122 by 1901, and finally peaked at 15,580 in 1916. In retrospect, the financial interests behind these traction railroads were largely misplaced.Much of the trackage was situated east of the Mississippi River as the interurban offered flexibility and affordability for the everyday commuter.As William Middleton notes in his book, " The interurban was conceived as a transit system, developed from the basic streetcars of the era.

As these technologies found their way to the United States the first examples appeared in the 1880's; in 1880 Thomas Edison tested an experimental electric locomotive, powered by a dynamo, which was operated on a stretch of track in Menlo Park, New Jersey. George Hilton and John Due's authoritative piece, "," points out the birth of the true American interurban began when Frank Sprague developed an electric motorcar in 1886 for the New York Elevated Railway whereby the motor(s) were situated between the axle, along with a trolley pole and multiple-unit control stand.

It is rather amazing so much capital was expended on these operations, which struggled to make a profit right from the start.



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    The frame stands from the floor and has two arms to provide support.

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    To get to the second restaurant on first avenue downtown, she circles all the way around to Waterfront park on the Sound.

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