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There are combination models such as a rollator and wheelchair combination.

These products for elderly people allow you to perform your activities more independently.

The frame stands from the floor and has two arms to provide support.

A power lift seat gives you a gentle push to help you stand up from a toilet sitting position. For bathing, there are several styles of bath seats for elderly people.

For those who have difficulty making it to the bathroom there is an inflatable portable bathtub for elderly. A lift assist cushion can give you a gentle lift to help you get up.

It has a lifting mechanism that will lift some of your weight for you. A lift chair also has the lifting mechanism and comes in a nice wingchair style. A very popular one is the pendant dialer emergency phone.

These can help prevent slipping and falling especially in wet areas.


Rollators usually come with a basket or pouch and some have a seat and other features.

Phones for Elderly- The various models include amplified phone, cell phone for elderly, cordless models, and others.

Elderly care products can also assist those who provide care for senior citizens or family.

For fun activities for the elderly, there are playing cards with large print for people with low vision and card holders for those who have difficulty holding the cards with their hand. Elderly products seek to provide assistance in daily living and a way to help one's self.

Walking can become increasingly difficult with age.The body may weaken, the senses may become less acute, and simple activities may become difficult or impossible.



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