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After the attack, the victim continued to contact the woman on Plentyof Fish.com, prosecutors noted.He arranged another meet-up Monday — but this time brought along police.Weartha Bryant, 18, pointed a gun at the victim's chest, prosecutors said, while an unknown accomplice held the man.The pair took an i Phone 5C, a Visa debit card, cash, a gold chain and a gold cross from the victim, court records show.Officers spotted Bryant, who was wearing the same hoodie he'd donned on May 11, Antonietti said. Once he was in police custody Monday, Bryant called his brother and arranged for the stolen gold chain to be brought to the police station, according to prosecutors. That's a valid investment because no one was going to take the first step alone. We don't want City Hall to spend more taxpayer money to manufacture vitality in Englewood, because efforts by government to play real estate developer seldom work out.


The deal that brought Whole Foods to Englewood, dating to 2013, was driven by Mayor Rahm Emanuel's push to address the food desert crisis.What if Englewood in the next 10 years will be the new Hyde Park? But there's an exciting entrepreneurial element too: "Something's going to happen here in Englewood. We might want to get in early." And so hours after their visit to Whole Foods, Jasper Taylor continued the "what if?



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    -Leben auch eine Zeit lang ist, so vermisst man doch viel zu häufig etwas.

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