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This the last                         Alarm of strife, and then in dark array                         Battle on battle followed, fray on fray:                         Name after name, in stern succession falling,                         Bears with it countless tales of blood and woe;                         What countless others, mournful, sad, appalling,                         Must silent rest, with voices silent too!

                        What multitudes of heroes now are resting                         Unknown beneath the sod where first they fell!

                        And slander's tongue their name has ceased molesting, -                         Has let them lie untroubled where they fell;                         While through the country each name with it bears                         A memory of triumph or of tears.


And even had the people desired to begin at once to rebuild their fortunes, it would have been in most cases impossible, for in many families the young men had perished in the war, and the old men, if not too old for the labour and effort it required to set the machinery of peace going again, were beggared, and had not even money enough to buy food for themselves and their families, let alone their negroes, to whom they now had to pay wages as well as feed them.

Text scanned (OCR) by Carlene Hempel Title page scanned by Carlene Hempel Text encoded by Jennifer Stowe and Natalia Smith First edition, 1998 ca.


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