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Three series of this kind that deserve to become widely known among those interested in the teaching of Eussian are : Mnxee B'B, KHHr H hjih HTe Hifl, pubhshed by the LJe HTpajib Hafl Tnnorpa^ia in Kazan ; fla BHCb, Poji;hoh Mip-L)), pubhshed by K. Snx Ma H'b in Eiga ; Bo Jibnept, Pycc Kafl P-h^b)), pubhshed by the author in Petrograd. While he is alone responsible for the plan of the book and whatever faults it may still contain, the compiler gratefully expresses his sense of obhgation to his friend Mr James Melville, of George Heriot's School, in whose company he began the study of Eussian, and who has kindly read the proofs of this book. As for the system of phonetics adopted, it will be found to be approximately exact, though, especially with regard to the representation of certain unaccented vowels, there may be occasional and considerable divergence of opinion. The Vocabularies at the end of the book are, it is hoped, complete. Suggestions for the learning of the Plurals of Nouns and incidentally for the impressing of the Vocabulary in Lessons I-XIX . Dative, Instrumental, and Prepositional Plurals of Nouns and Adjectives ....... Some Useful Idioms 102 CONTENTS 11 LESSON PAGE Pars. List of Nouns occurring for the first time in Lessons XX-XXXI, classified according to Form and Accentua- tion ........ This book, the manuscript of which was practically complete before the end of December 1916, is an attempt to deal with the subject starting from a rather unusual point.



Not until a useful store of material has been accumulated and is at command is the presentation of the Aspects attempted.

Users of the book will welcome the arrangement of the general Russian-Eng Hsh vocabulary of verbs.



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    Any trans woman who doesn’t want to end up like Gwen Araujo may justifiably decide to err on the side of caution.

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    Someone who is willing to share their ideas and scripts with the team.

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    This tournament will feature a singles draw of 28 and a doubles draw of 16 and will be held July 12 th through the 18 th.

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    Although women usually think of it as bleeding during ovulation, this mid-cycle spotting actually seems to happen just before ovulation occurs during a decline in the woman's estrogen level.

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    The corporation is liable for its taxes - not the owner.

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    But the range of topics doesn’t stop there—also expect sex-positive takes on pornography, sex toys, and more.

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