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Jeffress tweeted on Wednesday: 'President @real Donald Trump has demonstrated true leadership today by recognizing Jerusalem as the legitimate capital of Israel.''Jerusalem is and should be recognized as the capital of Israel.

It is David's capital, the site of the First and Second Temples, the focus of the historians' accounts, the Psalmists' songs and the prophets' visions,' wrote Jeffress.

Trump insisted that ordering a move of the embassy's location would 'immediately begin the process of hiring architects, engineers and planners so that a new embassy, when completed, will be a magnificent tribute to peace.'America's friends and foes unleashed fierce criticism before Trump made official what the White House previewed for reporters Tuesday night.

But Trump stuck to his guns, calling his decision an act of political courage.

Whether it's through courage or they change their mind I can't tell you.

But a lot of people have said we have to do something, and they didn't do it.' The status of Jerusalem - home to sites holy to the Muslim, Jewish and Christian religions - has been one of the thorniest issues in long-running Mideast peace efforts.

Jerusalem has been the capital of the Jewish people for 3,000 years.' 'Jerusalem is today, and must remain, a place where Jews pray at the Western Wall, where Christians walk the Stations of the Cross and where Muslims pray at Al-Aqsa Mosque,' Trump added.


It is the place where he will set foot again on earth at his second coming.''President Trump told me when last we spoke regarding the embassy that he would not disappoint us, speaking of the evangelical community, and today he has kept that promise,' Hagee said, speaking in front of American and Israeli flags.Israel is the only country where the United States has an embassy in a city that the host nation does not consider its capital.But his speech was greeted by demonstrations and a threat from Hamas, who called Thursday and Friday 'days of rage' that he had 'opened the gates of hell'. Palestinian secular and Islamist factions called a general strike on Thursday after tens of thousands took to the streets on Wednesday night. World leaders including the Pope spoke out against the measure, saying that it jeopardized the peace process.'But today we finally acknowledge the obvious, that Jerusalem is Israel's capital. President Donald Trump on Wednesday broke with decades of U. and international policy by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital.(AP Photo/Adel Hana)'We call upon the U. Administration to reconsider this faulty decision which may result in highly negative outcomes and to avoid uncalculated steps that will harm the multicultural identity and historical status of Jerusalem.' I pray to the Lord that its identity is preserved and strengthened for the benefit of the Holy Land, the Middle East and the whole world and that wisdom and prudence prevail to prevent new elements of tension from being added to a global context already convulsed by so many cruel conflicts.' Every president since Bill Clinton has exercised a waiver in the Jerusalem Embassy Act, effectively kicking the can down the road.

This is nothing more or less than a recognition of reality.''It is also the right thing to do. Trump said that has brought the world 'no closer to a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.'A major theme in Trump's unprecedented statement was his claim that it shouldn't interfere with longer-term peace negotiations between Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

I intend to do everything in my power to help forge such an agreement.'Trump said the United States will continue to support a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian standoff, 'if agreed to by both sides.''In the meantime, I call on all parties to maintain the status quo at Jerusalem's holy sites,' he said. Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel for nearly 70 years.


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