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Report from ALA Executive Board Liaison: John De Santis reported on Orlando conference and special Pulse memorial. ALA membership us up (58,919 as of May) United for Libraries accounts for good portion of membership. Carla Hayden nominated to serve as Librarian of Congress is on-going. Task Force on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion approved all 58 recommendations. Introductions: Members and guests introduced themselves. Approval of Midwinter Minutes: Ma’lis Wendt moved to approve minutes with minor changes to names and typos. There are 214 personal members and 1 organizational member.Library of Congress Subject Headings are being considered for less pejorative headings. Costs for RMRT Presidential program and roundtable conference calls were discussed, but no decisions were made.After the budget goes to the HHS Labor sub-committee, there's little chance of making changes for or against a budget request.The Washington Office will be publishing a detailed calendar of events very soon.

Fund Raising Committee: Therese Bigelow was unable to attend.I've participated this week in 2 calls with ALA leadership, Division leaders, and ALA Affiliates.Below are the notes I took regarding actions around the Trump budget.The effectiveness and cost “Libraries Transform” campaign was discussed.

RMRT wondered why each new ALA President had a separate initiative if the previous campaign was not completed President’s Program in Orlando: Vivian Wynn announced that "Fast and Easy: Advocacy that YOU can do with ALA” will be held on Sunday, - p.m., OCCC Room W106 President’s Program in Chicago: Jean Doolittle presented possible topics (grandparent economy and how to use our skill in retirement).This site has a lot of information already: Some activities already planned: RETIRED MEMBERS ROUND TABLE MINUTES Saturday, June 25, 2016, – am Orlando, FL Rosen Centre Hotel, Salon 15/16 Call to order: President Vivian Wynn called the meeting to order at a.m. Agenda modified to move ALA Executive Board Liaison report next.


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