Leslie mann dates

Leslie Mann made a splash in her all-pink ensemble, but Rashida Jones looked equally gorgeous in muted tones — what lipstick shade do you like best on her?

Director Judd Apatow had three dates for his big night, though his wife and daughters earned their tickets with roles in the film.

On July 31, we'll get to check out the film, and it already seems like a home run with such an entertaining cast.

Back in November of 2016, it was reported that Universal Pictures and Dream Works Animation were not moving forward with The Croods 2, but that all changes today as the companies have set a September 18, 2020 release date for the sequel!

They encounter iconic figures such as Marie Antoinette, Albert Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci.

Inevitably disaster strikes: the pair accidentally rip a hole in the universe, wreaking havoc with history. I grew up learning how to do basic things like touching up walls with paint.

Married for 16 years, the couple met when she was auditioning for the 1996 movie The Cable Guy with Jim Carrey, which Judd produced – but it was Ben Stiller, the director, to whom Leslie was initially attracted: ‘I thought Ben was very cute.’Judd, however, had other ideas, says Leslie. I thought, “This is the kind of guy I should be with, one who’s nice to me.” Before I met him I was always attracted to the bad boys – they weren’t even good-looking.’We are chatting over lunch at a beachside restaurant in Santa Monica, close to Leslie’s home in Los Angeles, where she and Judd live with their daughters Maude, 16, and Iris, 11.

‘I am more comfortable in my skin than my character was,’ she says.

In between bites of fish tacos and sips of green tea, the actress has me giggling as she chats about her new film and her less-than-starry family life… I have met him: he’s funny, charming, charismatic and so handsome. We go to someone’s house or a hotel and bring astrology books and drink wine.

Kids love talking to animals and I think they will go crazy for this film. We talk about what we’re struggling with, what we’re trying to accomplish.

Her husband is Hollywood’s king of comedy Judd Apatow, and actress LESLIE MANN stars in many of his films.

So is home life as laugh-out-loud as it is portrayed on screen? ‘It was NOT love at first sight,’ says This Is 40 star Leslie Mann, 41, who is telling me about the start of her relationship with Hollywood’s king of comedy, filmmaker Judd Apatow.

From Dream Works Animation and the delightfully twisted king of scares Jason Blum comes Spooky Jack, a comic look under the bed and in the closet of kids’ imaginations.



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