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The Ossett Observer of Saturday 3rd March sets the scene: "It is unfortunate that the climatic conditions were exceedingly unfavourable.

The ground was covered with snow broth, the air was damp and cold and altogether the weather could hardly have been less suitable to the occasion.

There was great excitement on the 10th of July 1912 when King George V and Queen Mary visited Ossett during their tour of the industrial towns of the West Riding, including Barnsley, Wakefield, Dewsbury and Batley.

The King and Queen were welcomed in Ossett Market Place by the Mayor and Council members and they were greeted by crowds of Ossett people, with many precariously perched on the rooftops of buildings long since demolished. Wiseman, then the President of Ossett Mechanic's Institute.



During the war, 13,139 Commonwealth and British soldiers died of diseases, particularly dysentery and enteric fever.The British in some respects precipitated the war and the Boers put up an unexpectedly good fight.


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