Six degrees of dating movie

Interestingly enough, the trio had stumbled across one of the first examples of the small-world phenomenon: Because everyone is so widely connected in modern times, we’re connected to every other human in the world by no more than 6 links of mutual friends.Apparently, the same rules apply to actor collaboration networks.In fact, you must enter at least two contacts in order to use the thing at all. We have a contest going on about new fish er stories. ) The most famous set of Koans is known as the Wumenguan ("Gateless Gate").

If you find yourself stumped when playing the Three Degrees of Eric Roberts, the Oracle of Bacon also provides a lookup service.Even more interesting is that Kevin Bacon actually the “Center of the Hollywood Universe” as so many have claimed.When the Oracle of Bacon calculated the average number of movie appearances connecting every actor to every other actor, they found that Kevin Bacon didn’t even make the top 100 most “central” actor list.It’s been over two decades since the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon was invented.


We now have a massive database of movies and vastly more powerful computers to look at this problem.

It’s about time we revisit the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon to see if the trio’s findings hold up.


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