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Kang Hye Soo (Uee) is a young woman whose husband dies tragically in an accident, leaving her to raise their daughter (Shin Rin Ah) by herself.Then life strikes another blow when Hye Soo discovers that she has an inoperable brain tumor with only a few months to live.Contrary to his plans, he begins falling in love with Violetta and she starts to fall in love with Leon, which irritates Thomas and Ludmila, who are just beginning to date.Germán is engaged to Jade (Florencia Benitez), an unintelligent woman who, though very ambitious, is callous and hates Violetta.

Violetta has never agreed with this and always argues with Jade.

K-dramas have contributed to the general phenomenon of the Korean wave, known as Hallyu.

Jung Eun Ji (born August 18, 1993) is an Actress, Singer from South Korea.

She first met the public’s eye debuting with the girl group APink as the lead vocalist. Eunji is part of a show called APink News, where the girls of APink are anchorwomen letting us know about the latest entertainment news.

She made her Actress debut in 2012 with the drama .She meets Angie (Maria Clara Alonso), her new teacher, governess, and secretly her aunt (sister of Violetta's mother, unbeknownst to Germán) who helps her to realize her talent.


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    Lit Up Keisha Ervin s gritty tales of the St Louis streets have Okay this could be a stretch but this used to be one of Tiny s best friends and all of a sudden you never saw her again until a new reality show came .

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    Nessa época começou a exibição de telenovelas, tanto sucessos estrangeiros, como Los ricos también lloran em 1982, Cristina Bazán em 1983 e Chispita em 1984, quanto produções próprias que seguiriam uma linha semelhante.

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    The receiver wants to publicly interrogate former executives who have been blamed for the 0M collapse of the retail group.

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    We have just celebrated the three year anniversary of Autism Speaks’ Global Autism Public Health (GAPH) initiative and what better way to mark this birthday than to see our first official GAPH partner open a new Centre for children with autism in Albania.

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